Credit unions, spelled “C-o-m-m-u-n-i-t-y”

by: Joe Winn

If you’re reading this, the concept of a credit union supporting their members is unsurprising. It’s what they do, right? By pooling their finances, it enables more competitive rates on lending, lower fees on checking, and a more personal experience. That’s the basis of a savings cooperative, or credit union. And we’re done. Well, this was a nice and short post. I’ll see you next week!

Hold on for just a moment.

Sure, credit unions support the obvious services, but did you know there is an entire world behind the veneer? Organizations supporting credit unions in their own efforts. These are their stories.  (Imagine the Law and Order “bum bum” in there!)

Much of this post derives from my time at the CUNA GAC or follow-on conversations with people I met. Never know what you’ll learn when surrounded by 5,000 credit union staff, vendors, and evangelists!

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