CUInsight Minute with Courtney Scott – August 27, 2021

Our favorites from the week in sixty seconds.

Welcome to the CUInsight Minute, sixty seconds from our Community & Marketing Coordinator Courtney Scott with our favorite reads from the week.

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4 digital transformation trends shaping retail banking
Digital transformation has been pushing change in the retail banking space for decades. And for credit unions, those shifts have come in big waves—mobile apps, text-based communication, online portals, and even a greater focus on finding new members online with better SEO practices, search rankings, and online reviews… (read more)

Proper cyber-hygiene can help combat fraud
We have most certainly seen a rise in digital fraud because of more consumers shifting to digital payments. This has affected all types of businesses, as in many cases they had to adopt new technologies to enable remote commerce due to consumer demand. Usage of digital wallets, P2P products and a variety of gig economy delivery mechanisms increased heavily, and with that, so did fraudsters’ desire to access those consumer owned accounts… (read more)

Debunking forty years of credit union myths and legends
I began my credit union career over 40 years ago as a teller. I came into the industry at the dawn of the share draft account. I saw the quick adoption and religious-like devotion to FICO scores and marveled at the clever marketing too – a product that lured members into thinking we were looking out for them. (read more)

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