CUInsight Weekly Minute with Jen McFadden – October 28, 2022

Our favorites from the week in sixty seconds.

Welcome to the CUInsight Minute, sixty seconds from our director of marketing, Jen McFadden with our favorite reads from the week.


Five Ways You Can Out-Market the Big-Banks
You work for a local, community credit union. A couple of blocks over is Acme Mega Bank, a well-recognized national brand that probably has a monthly marketing budget twice the size of your yearly salary. Let’s say your budget is a bit more (OK, a lot more) modest. How can you think of competing? (read more)

Building Your Credit Card Portfolio in the Current Economic Landscape
A credit union’s world is always changing. Not only is the economy a dynamic landscape, but technological advancements make the financial services industry ever-changing as well. It can be a challenge for credit unions to keep pace with these changes to stay competitive, let alone grow their portfolios. Yet despite the current economic uncertainty, credit unions can still succeed and grow. (read more)

Ready to Level Up Your DEI?
In 2019, I left my job as the President/CEO of the Credit Union League of Connecticut to start Humanidei. People thought it was a bold move. Friends in the credit union space had many questions for me when I shared my desire to work with credit unions to build more inclusive workplaces: What if DEI never catches on in credit unions? What if DEI is just a passing fad? (read more)

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Jen McFadden

Jen McFadden

Jen McFadden is the Director of Marketing at She crafts CUInsight’s marketing strategy and oversees brand identity, campaigns, and other marketing efforts. She began her credit union ... Web: Details