CUInsight Weekly Minute with Linda Lafortune – October 8, 2021

Our favorites from the week in sixty seconds

Welcome to the CUInsight Weekly Minute, sixty seconds from our Director of Learning & Client Support Linda Lafortune with our favorite reads from the week.


4 ways credit unions can address key person dependency risk in IT


When it comes to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, the disaster event scenarios that often come to mind are data breaches, natural disasters, and, more recently, pandemics. One aspect of BCDR that often gets overlooked, however, is key person dependency risk, and specifically within the IT department… (Read more)

Cybersecurity matters: Why cyber awareness training should be a priority

by Krystal Rennie, ADLUMIN

With cyber threats like data breaches and ransomware attacks becoming more common, to new regulations surrounding the cyber world, cybersecurity has become somewhat of a necessity. Every industry needs it whether they know it or not. As we enter October, which is also National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), Adlumin is back with some great insights. We believe that spreading awareness is key to stopping cybercriminals in their tracks, and here’s why…. (Read more)

Where’s my cape? Finding inspiration from credit union superheroes


When I joined CRMNEXT—a CRM provider for financial services with a global footprint, but rather new in the U.S. market—I was excited to be at another startup where I’d be working with wonderful people. But I really had no idea when I started that I would soon be learning about credit unions across the nation that are doing truly incredible work in their communities… (Read more)

CUInsight is hosting a free webinar Wednesday, October 20th titled, Curious How Your Credit Union Can Impact Change In Your Community? These Superheroes Will Tell You How They Did It. We hope you’ll join us! Register here.

Linda Lafortune

Linda Lafortune

Linda is the Director of Learning & Client Support at CUInsight.  She has an extensive background in the credit union industry having worked in both large and small credit unions, in ... Web: Details