Customer 360: Your portal into the digital age

Customer satisfaction is key to your bank’s lasting success. After all, unhappy customers have plenty of other places to look for personal financial products.

And many do.

Sixty-nine percent of customers who leave their bank say it is because of poor service, rather than poor products, according to Temkin.

We all know that no one customer is just like another and having each person’s info at your fingertips instantly is central to delivering awesome customer experiences each and every time.

This may sound simple in our world of on-demand, personalized digital experiences, but disjointed, old-school banking systems make this quite a challenge in the financial services realm.

A CRM for banking with a Customer 360 that brings together customer information from the core and all other systems provides the “portal” from ancient to modern – bringing banks and credit unions into the digital age.

So, what exactly does this look like?

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