Does your credit union have a horticulturalist?

Growing a productive company culture requires different care for “annuals” and “perennials.”

The arrival of warmer weather means time spent in the garden.

I’m what you’d call an aspiring green thumb. I long for beautiful, full English gardens — the ones that look messy on first pass but actually have an orderly structure to the plantings and coordination of colorful blooms. Granted, I have never realized my vision, but I keep trying season after season.

At the beginning of each season, as I spend time cleaning and preparing my plots, I always feel energized and enthusiastic that after a few hours I’ll be good for weeks. It doesn’t take long before I realize more work is needed to keep things looking as I like.

Gardening is not a one-and-done prospect.

Neither is building a company culture. Just when you’re satisfied with how things are looking, you find a new stone to turn or a new challenge to overcome.


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