ECM and AP: Why ECM will help your accounting staff survive

by. Terri Jones

When I worked in state government, down the hallway from my desk was a locked room containing several fireproof file cabinets. I’m not sure how many more files we could get in that room, especially since the cabinets were bulky and heavy. I often wondered if I would arrive for work and see a pile of rubble where the file cabinets had broken through the floor.

At that time, it seemed impossible to imagine a paperless accounting department. Even if we eliminated paper within our walls, the private sector still sent us documents and we needed to enter data from those documents to update our accounts, issue checks and make changes to vendor information.

Today, we face a changed landscape and it’s time to revisit the accounting department and decide whether modernization and enterprise content management can help. Cuts in government staff at all levels have made it important to identify ways to manage staff workloads. This need is particularly acute in traditionally paper-heavy departments.

Imagine how your accounting department could relieve work overload with an end-to-end ECM solution:

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