Onsite: CommunityLIVE from Las Vegas

This week over 1,500 people came to Las Vegas for CommunityLive. This is much more than an OnBase users conference. People from many different industries came together to listen to speakers discuss how organizations can work better smarter and faster. Credit unions were well represented at the event.

Hyland president and CEO Bill Priemer kicked off the conference talking about the power of community. This theme was constant through the entire event. Bill walked through six benefits of community:

  1. Collective wisdom
  2. Pushing our limits
  3. Support & belief
  4. New ideas
  5. Borrowed motivation
  6. Accountability

As Bill dove deeper into his opening remarks it was hard not to see how credit unions are perfectly positioned to leverage our community to excel going forward.

The keynote speaker of the event was Guy Kawasaki. Guy is the former chief evangelist of Apple and a well know blogger on the art of innovation. I was really looking forward to hearing Guy speak being a fan of his TED talk.

The first of his ten points is to “Make Meaning.” This hit home with the credit union attendees in the audience. We all know we have a strong purpose and meaning the question I would ask is are we doing our best to communicate it. I enjoyed his conversation from moving from a mission statement to a mantra. Something simple all our employees and members can understand.

Guy’s third talking point was to “jump to the next curve.” When we think of the technological change happening in every facet of the credit union world this could not have been timelier. And in a room full of tech people, you could smell the wheels spinning.

The credit union track at CommunityLIVE was packed with chances to network, user groups and breakout sessions. I sat in on one presentation by DFCU Financial’s Elizabeth Hershey. She discussed DFCU’s multiyear transition to ECM and the gains instantly realized moving into a digital world.

It was great talking to credit union friends in attendance and hearing why they come back to CommunityLIVE every year. I heard over and over about how great of a networking event it is for them. They not only do they get new ideas, but it has created a community to leverage and accomplish things for the betterment of their CUs. As at any event you could feel the passion from the credit union people.

Randall Smith

Randall Smith

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