Do you fear leadership assessment?

At one point during the weeklong CEO Institute III: Strategic Leadership Development, there is some fear in the room.

That point is right before participants receive the results of what for many is their first-ever 360-degree leadership assessment. A 360-degree assessment, of course, is a process through which leaders get candid feedback from many sides, including their supervisors, the people they supervise and their peers.

Institute faculty member, Lou Centini, Ph.D., sets the class up well to constructively receive the feedback. But ultimately, each leader sits down alone with the envelope, breaks the seal and reads the contents.

Talk to participants after they’ve had some time to process the results and you hear that they were both surprised in what people said about their leadership and reassured by confirmations of things already known. Mostly, you hear that the assessment was an incredibly valuable undertaking.

CUES thinks such assessments can be great tools for knowing where you are in your leadership and where you might want to go next with your leadership learning. That’s why we’re including the Fascination Personality Assessment as part of CUES Symposium: A CEO/Chairman Exchange early in 2018. This assessment helps leaders discover how they can best add unique value to their organizations.

The value of assessments extends to board leadership as well. CUES offers both Board Governance Assessment, which examines the performance of the board as a whole, and Director Skills Assessment, which helps identify board competency gaps.

When’s the last time you faced your fear of feedback and did a formal assessment of your leadership effectiveness? If you’re like our CEO Institute III participants, you’ll find it worth your while.

John Pembroke

John Pembroke

As president/CEO of CUES, John Pembroke came full circle in his career. His first exposure to business was a high school internship working in his father’s church credit ... Web: Details