Get out of the driver’s seat: An easier way to order branded merchandise

We’ve all been there- it’s a week before the golf outing/5k fundraiser/community event and you totally forgot to get the apparel and giveaway items ordered. It is crunch time and you find yourself in panic mode trying to figure out what can get printed in time, praying you order the correct quantity and sizes. We find the majority of our clients handle these situations by passing around the dreaded excel spreadsheet collecting style of apparel, color, sizes and, of course, money!  There is an easier way.  By utilizing a Corporate Store, you can eliminate these timely, stressful tasks.

A Corporate Store is a platform allowing you to consolidate spending and effectively distribute your branded merchandise/apparel. Typically I see credit union’s benefiting in four main areas:

  • Easy Access and Ordering – quick and easy way to access corporate branded merchandise
  • Control Spending – set budgets for employees throughout different departments and/or locations
  • Minimize Administration – reduce the amount of time spent ordering branded merchandise
  • Control Branding – your branded materials are approved to match your corporate branding guidelines

Once you decide that a utilizing a Corporate Store is the right decision, you then begin shopping for the  appropriate styles and colors to express your brand.  (Some companies will even do that work for you, so there is really no upfront time devoted to getting the store up and running).  Once your online store is up and running with the choices you selected, employees are now able to go out and purchase the apparel and products of their choice. Within selecting the style of apparel to order, one can also determine certain colors that can be purchased. Therefore, if your logo is green, Sally won’t be able to order a yellow shirt. If it is a piece that the employee will be paying for, they have the ability to enter their credit card information for the order as well… removing the step where you have to play “collections officer”. The same process within the Corporate Store can be applied to various promotional items as well.

By putting your employees in the driver seat to make decisions, with you holding the ultimate control…’s the perfect formula for corporate ordering.

Brett Jackson

Brett Jackson

Brett Jackson has been dedicated to building vibrant, competitive, breakthrough brands in the world of financial institutions for over a decade now. As the CEO of Systemax Corporation, a company ... Web: Details