Get off your “but”

Michael Hyatt is one of my favorite bloggers. If you are not following him on Twitter and reading the great information he offers on his website, you should.

One of his posts from awhile back still resonates with me: How To Find Time For That Important Project. In it, Hyatt offers seven steps for getting unstuck and finding time for those important projects.

One of his tips rings particularly true when it comes to developing a strategy at your credit union or bank: “Get off your but.” Not your butt. Your but. In other words, stop making excuses. With your strategic planning process a lot of “buts” get in the way (and probably a few “butts” as well!).

Here are a few excuse cards your financial institution sometimes plays with your strategic plan:

“We could offer that technology, BUT we can’t keep up with all the changes.”

Your technology strategy should never be about keeping up with Jones National Bank. Rather you should take a deliberate approach. Determine if you are going to be an early adapter, a fast follower or a laggard. You don’t have to be the first financial institution to offer a program for the Apple Watch. While technology in the banking sector is certainly moving at a fast pace, that speed should never deter your credit union or bank. Stop using changing technology as an excuse.

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