Gift giving made easy this Spring

Spring is the most promising of seasons. The passing of winter lends to budding flowers, longer days, and warm lunch time walks. Spring also brings moments that change lives like weddings and graduation. Celebrations that inspire us to look forward with hope and excitement. When the ideal gift eludes us, we often turn to cash in an envelope. To eliminate the obvious insecurity of just giving cash a prepaid gift card is an ideal option for credit union members for their upcoming spring weddings or graduation events.

Springtime weddings are hopeful events; the couple excited as they look ahead to their future together. Planning a new home and transitioning into a life together is often overwhelming and challenging. Frequently, couples pile their gift registries with beautiful gifts and china sets often failing to add the essentials. Prepaid gift cards allow couples to fill missing gaps, or even splurge on a big-ticket item they didn’t have the nerve to add to their registry.

Graduations are also excellent life events for giving prepaid gift cards. Young adults moving on to college can use a gift card for dorm room essentials online or toward their summer travel plans. Prepaid cards are ideal, also, for undergraduates learning money management tools while away at school. Prepaid cards are easy budgeting tools that keep students on track financially. Prepaid cards are perfect for college grads heading to their first job and transitioning into a new stage of life. Prepaid gift cards give the graduates in your life the power to succeed.

Prepaid gift cards provide benefits for your credit union members. They offer:

  • More functions than a gift certificate
  • Easy to use

Looking to implement a Prepaid Card program at your credit union? LSC Prepaid gift cards offer several benefits for your credit union including instant issue with over 60 contemporary designs featuring y our credit union brand and bulk card shipment direct to SEGs.

Naomi Anderson

Naomi Anderson

Naomi Anderson oversees Envisant’s prepaid team in day-to-day program support, customer service functions, implementations, marketing and prepaid program growth. She has her Bachelor of Science degree from the National ... Web: Details