Help your members enjoy the gift-giving season

4 ways gift cards can reduce holiday stress

While students look forward to a holiday break in December, the responsibilities of preparing for the season leave many parents and other adults wanting a break from the holidays. According to a report by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, time, money, and the pressures of gift giving are among the top reasons for added stress during the holidays. Another survey by Generali Global Assistance shows the risk of identity theft is another factor causing stress for over 70% of holiday shoppers. Below are four reasons why offering your members gift cards can neutralize these top causes of holiday stress.

Gift Cards help members take control of their holiday budgets. With a deluge of sales that tempt consumers to overspend, holiday shopping can leave people confused about the status of their budgets. Gift cards help prevent this pitfall. People can buy gifts for the exact amount needed to meet their budgets and avoid stressful credit card debt. They can also use gift cards for their own purchases such as baking supplies or other holiday expenses as a way to further manage their budgets. With gift cards, people know exactly what they are spending.

Gift cards save time for your members. Running around to find the perfect gifts for friends, co-workers, and family can waste time and cause stress for many during the holiday season. According to Consumer Reports, Americans expect to spend an average of 15 hours shopping and an average of 3 hours wrapping during the holidays. Gift cards require much less time to purchase, so offering this option to members helps them save hours of time they could spend enjoying the holidays with loved ones.

Members can give everyone on their lists the perfect gift. A National Retail Federation survey shows gift cards are the most wished for holiday gift among consumers. With different designs available, gift cards also make a much more personalized gift than cash.

Gift cards are a secure way to spend over the holidays. Gift cards are separate from members’ accounts, so sensitive information stays safe when people shop with these cards. This prevents the added stress of identity theft if the cards are lost or stolen.

Help members take a break from holiday stress this year by offering them the option of purchasing gift cards. LSC offers full service gift card and prepaid programs that will help you get started and share the benefits of gift cards with your members. To learn more, contact the LSC sales department at 1-800-942-7124.