How Are You Motivating the Purchase Behavior of the Post-Recession Consumer?

by. Cory Jefferies, SWBC Financial Institution Group

Did you know that 30% of Americans fear that their lifestyle will never return to where it was prior to the economic downturn[1]? 81% of people surveyed blame the recession on financial institutions and the banking industry[2]. As we work to recover from the effects of the recession, it’s become apparent that today’s potential borrower craves a connection, a positive experience, and they want to trust the institution they choose to do business with.

What if this trend could actually help your mission of driving installment loan growth? The answer is simple – offer your borrowers exclusive and compelling financial protection products with their loan, and stay connected with them during the course of their loan cycle with AutoPilot® Lending. We have partnered with EFG Companies to provide the best lending solution on the market today.

Over the past 36 years, SWBC and EFG have learned that low interest rates alone can’t drive the results you want. That’s why we’re continuously developing unique and compelling consumer protection offerings. With AutoPilot Lending, our clients get the opportunity to offer the best auto loan on the market, EFG’s MPOWER™. It includes complimentary bundles of financial protection products that meet the unique needs of your borrowers, creating real consumer value.

In addition, EFG supports SWBC’s AutoPilot Lending clients with proprietary turnkey marketing campaigns that target current borrowers during the life of their loan and respond to their behavioral triggers. AutoPilot Lending clients can also receive dynamic, measurable, and targeted recruiting and training so that their employees are able to recommend the products that best fit a borrowers’ needs.

What’s the result of combining great people who are properly trained with the best consumer protection products available and compelling go-to-market strategies? A dramatic increase in the level of sales and service within your institution.

Just look at what two of our AutoPilot Lending clients accomplished:

NEIGHBORHOOD CREDIT UNION ($320 million – Dallas)

AutoPilot Lending Full Model, After Being Live for Six Months

  • Increased direct auto loans by 27%
  • Increased net fee income from all upgraded products by 85% compared to income from Major Mechanical Protection (MMP) – this included the net out of the complimentary products
  • Increased number of new applications by 26%
  • Increased GAP penetration to 77%


AutoPilot Lending Lite Model, Live for Two Months

Product Penetration with Previous Provider:

  • GAP: 23%
  • MMP: 13%
  • Total Fee Income: $4,328 per month

Product Penetration with AutoPilot Lending:

  • GAP: 45%
  • MMP: 31%
  • Paintless Dent Repair: 21%*
  • Tire & Wheel: 27%*
  • Total Fee Income: $12,222 per month (a 282% increase)

* Exclusive AutoPilot Lending offering not available through any other provider

The AutoPilot Lending solution has been proven to deliver superior results. Click here to download the Pegasus Community Credit Union AutoPilot Lending case study, or call 866-316-1162 or visit to learn more today!

[1] This information came from an independent study conducted by Persuadable Research Corporation, 2011

[2] This information came from an independent study conducted by Persuadable Research Corporation, 2011

Cory Jefferies

Cory Jefferies

Cory Jefferies joined SWBC in 2006 as the Director of Training and Services and is now Vice President of Business Development for the Financial Institution Group. He oversees the administration, ... Web: Details