How ELGA went all in on downtown Flint

It’s all a matter of timing as ELGA joins in on the revitalization of a once-moribund main street in one of America’s iconic industrial cities.

ELGA Credit Union($703.8M, Burton, MI) is banking on the fourth try being the charm.

Three earlier efforts to open a branch in downtown Flint didn’t pan out, but this time ELGA is already seeing its investment bear fruit in one of America’s most iconic Rust Belt cities.

The new facility on Saginaw Street occupies retail space that had been abandoned for more than 20 years as the birthplace of General Motors went through a prolonged era of decline and decay.

“This was our fourth attempt over the last 18 years to open a downtown branch,” says CEO Karen Church. “The seller those times wouldn’t sell or lease to us, and we weren’t expecting this opportunity when it came. But we were ready when it finally did.”


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