How Listerhill’s digital team keeps its eyes on the process

A four-pillar approach to digital services at the Alabama cooperative blends technology, member experience, and process management.

Digital services are not a one-size-fits-all component of a credit union’s operations. For some industry players, organizing digital offerings and teams can be complicated by geography and member preference — as is the case at Listerhill Credit Union ($1.1B, Sheffield, AL).

“Some of our branches and our members are located in rural areas,” says Dustin Holland, Listerhill’s digital strategist. “So, we have to maybe consider our digital set ups differently. I do think it can be a barrier sometimes overlooked in places where we do business.”

Though Listerhill does business in Huntsville, AL, and Nashville, its bread-and-butter members don’t live in those nearby urban centers. And for those members, it’s not uncommon for them to lack high-speed internet or cell service that many today now take for granted. Despite those differences in digital adoption, Listerhill has positioned itself to offer solutions for everyone.

“To be competitive, we still have to offer the same level of services as Chase. That’s expected,” Holland says. “But at the same time, we have to make sure we’re a comfortable place to do business for all those people we spent years inviting into the branch.”


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