How your credit union can gain social media followers

“We need more social media followers.”

I’ve heard countless credit union leaders say this during meetings. But it’s one thing to know you need followers and another thing entirely to gain those followers. So, how can credit unions solve this vexing problem?

Here are five action items to get you started.

#1: Post Consistently

Good social media – like a good brand – is consistent. Rarely or never posting makes your social media strategy a non-starter. People use social media to engage, so you must regularly provide something to spark engagement. Don’t promise consumers an oasis and then give them a desert.

#2: Use Video

People love video. In fact, video posts on social media get 48% more views. But you can’t just throw any video on Facebook and expect the follower count to jump. Like with everything else you do, you need a strategy.

For instance, what video types are you making? Video expert Ian Garlic says 80% of videos are viewed without sound, so text overlays are preferable to talking heads. You’ll also want 15-to-30-second clips rather than three-to-six-minute experiences. Consumers move quickly, so you should move quickly too. Take a look at Honor Credit Union’s TikTok to see some great social media video examples.

#3: Be Authentic

Authenticity is invaluable. And by authenticity, I mean connections to real people and events. Sixty-two percent of consumers like learning about the people behind a brand, so don’t hide your brand’s humanity.

One way to showcase authenticity is employee birthdays and anniversaries. These always perform well on our clients’ social media profiles, leading the algorithm to push the post to more people. Don’t doubt people’s desire to celebrate someone else!

Member stories heighten authenticity as well. These stories simultaneously display sincerity and put consumers in your brand narrative. They provide consumers a tangible vision of where they’ll wind up if they become a member. Del-One FCU has some great examples of this if you don’t know where to begin.

#4: Give Away Your Gold

Giveaways drive followers to your page. People love free stuff, and they’ll go where it’s regularly found. You can increase follower numbers even more when you ask participants to tag friends, turning your current followers into recruiters.

But don’t overthink this one! There’s no need to give Rolexes away. Give consumers branded shirts or branded notebooks – something extra you already have around the branch. Free items, even if they’re not luxurious, will generate interest.

#5: Be Known for Something

Wendy’s is known to roast other companies on Twitter. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s Instagram proudly displays beautiful food. What are you known for?

If it’s financial advice, monopolize that market. If it’s community service, maybe start a weekly service shoutout to employee and member volunteers. Whatever you do, connect your social media to your brand. Then, set yourself apart.

These action items should start to boost your follower counts. And if none of these tips are working, it might be time for a deeper dive. I’d recommend a marketing assessment to see where you can enhance your social media.

Mark Arnold

Mark Arnold

Mark Arnold is an acclaimed speaker, brand expert and strategic planner helping businesses such as credit unions and banks achieve their goals with strategic marketing insights and energized training. Mark ... Web: Details