ICBA arms banks with tools to fight credit unions on local level

The ICBA's campaign landing page appears to be taking a direct jab at CUNA’s “Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union” campaign.

The Independent Community Bankers of America this week began arming its members to fight credit unions on the local level.

The effort is part of the organization’s “Wake Up” campaign and tools include customized op-eds that can be sent to local news organizations, talking points, and a white paper for members to use when discussing credit unions, and in particular the credit union tax exemption.

The website also features state-level reports the ICBA said demonstrate the amount of federal income taxes credit unions in each state avoided paying, the total assets that credit unions in that state held, the amount that credit unions used for non-member expenses and the number of teachers, police officers and social workers that could have been hired if credit unions had paid taxes.

A landing page on the ICBA website even plays off CUNA’s “Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union” campaign.


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