In search of the self-sufficient member

How two credit unions in Ohio and Virginia use technology and education to win the member self-service game.

A self-sufficient member is a good thing. Do-it-yourself folks don’t need expensive help, are more likely to be satisfied, and are sticky — they are in it for the long run with their favorite financial cooperative. As long as that cooperative is meeting their needs. So, how docredit unions ensure they meet the needs of members?

Two leading cooperatives — Langley Federal Credit Union ($3.0B, Newport News, VA) and Wright-Patt Credit Union ($4.9B, Beavercreek, OH) — have found that technology and education are two key ingredients in creating a corps of self-sufficient member-owners.

“We start by educating the member at the time they open an account,” says Kim Riley, vice president of service delivery at Wright-Patt, the Buckeye State’s largest cooperative.


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