Millennials are NOT that complicated

by: Sarah Timmins

Credit union leaders are increasingly realizing that millennials represent both the biggest hurdle and membership growth potential for credit unions everywhere. The extensive amount of coverage and research on millennials that flood news feeds and social platforms poses the assumption that we (millennials) are so persnickety in our banking and mobile needs that we actually threaten financial institutions. Marketers are dying to just “figure us out.” Not to mention, the world’s given us quite the reputation on and off the web. Check out Google’s current top three most searched terms about millennials:

The truth is, we are hybrids of so many different social, political and economic shifts that we are more diverse than we are homogenous. Frankly, the more people generalize or treat millennials like they are some foreign species, the harder it will become to successfully form an honest, loyal relationship with them.

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