Navigating vehicle insurance risks: A holistic approach for lenders

As a lender, it is imperative to proactively manage the risks associated with vehicle insurance to safeguard against uninsured collateral. The average premium exceeding $1,800 annually highlights the financial strain faced by borrowers, often resulting in lapsed insurance coverage. To address these challenges, a borrower-centric approach is essential.

Many lenders are realizing the importance of adapting their strategies to address insurance lapses, total lossesrepossessions, and delinquencies. However, existing programs often focus solely on risk mitigation, neglecting the borrower’s role in the process. A holistic approach to insurance tracking is necessary to protect both the lender’s interests and foster strong borrower relationships.

Digital Insurance Verification (DIV) represents a significant advancement in insurance tracking. By enabling borrowers to verify their coverage through a mobile platform, DIV simplifies the process and empowers borrowers. Platforms offering paperless solutions can enhance borrower responsiveness while reducing administrative burden.


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