Nothing beats the real thing

A two-week apprenticeship program between the contact center and digital services teams at Corning FCU uses live member interactions to teach necessary skills.

New hires for contact center positions at Corning Federal Credit Union ($2.0B, Corning, NY) are often entry level. These hires are typically in their early 20s and from outside the financial services industry but are service-oriented and fit well within the credit union’s culture.

“A 20-something’s banking experience generally revolves around apps like Venmo and CashApp but they don’t necessarily know what an IRA is, or a certificate or a trust,” says Chad Hassler, Corning’s digital services supervisor.

Initial onboarding and training serves to fill these knowledge gaps. But still, gaps may remain.

As part of his capacity at the credit union, Hassler oversees the — fully remote — team that handles digital communication with members through Corning’s website and mobile app, as well as escalated digital and card support. In his one-on-ones with his direct reports, Hassler monitors how his team members feel about the questions they receive.


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