Podcast: Digital disruption with Jim Perry

Digital disruption. It’s a phrase we hear often – and with good reason.

And it’s precisely the kind of disruption financial institutions can lead right now. This week on Banking On Experience, CRMNEXT’s James Gilbert is joined by Jim Perry, Senior Strategist at Market Insights, Inc. to discuss this very topic.

Why digital disruption is an important topic right now.

It’s certainly not a new one. Yet, even as recently as January of this year, many banks and credits unions were still lagging in their response to the digital age.

Then, as Jim says, “The pandemic really hit the accelerator. I don’t care if you’re big or small or rural or urban- everybody’s really getting disrupted out there. COVID has already liberated a lot of consumers from that transactional dependency on the branch. So that means we have to be talking about this topic.”


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