Rock & Roll for Credit Unions: Don’t Stop, Thinking About Tomorrow

by Bo McDonald, Your Marketing Co

THINK—a simple inspirational quote from Thomas J. Watson helped build IBM in the last century. Such quotes are everywhere. Posted above desks, framed in conference rooms.  Now…in the digital age…thousands are tweeted every minute.

But how often do we turn to Rock & Roll for inspirational quotes? There are a lot of very inspiring words in some pretty unsuspecting songs. Music is my therapy. Throughout 2013, I’ll be writing a series of posts called Rock & Roll for Credit Unions. I’ll turn to the words of many brilliant musicians for messages of growth and inspiration for your credit union. Some you may be familiar with, others you’ll be introduced to for the first time. I hope you’ll enjoy this series throughout 2013, fusing my two passions: music and credit unions.

Starting off the series is a group you probably already know: Fleetwood Mac. If you’re old enough, you can probably recall the drama that surrounded the group’s personal issues beginning in 1969 as Christine McVie joined the group. It was McVie however, who in 1977 penned some of the most inspirational lyrics that the band would ever record. The lyrics came as a result of the private peccadillos of several band members. Mick Fleetwood was in the midst of divorce proceedings from his wife Jenny. Band mates John and Christine McVie had recently ended their marriage. The band was plagued with personal tensions plus drug and alcohol problems.

One song that stands out on that album is Don’t Stop. McVie wrote that song as a direct result from her divorce from band mate John McVie after eight years of marriage.

“‘Don’t Stop’ was just a feeling. It just seemed to be a pleasant revelation to have that ‘yesterday’s gone. It might have, I guess, been directed more toward John, but I’m just definitely not a pessimist” McVie said in an interview for the Fleetwood Mac Story; Rumors and Lies.

Not only was Don’t Stop a great anthem for McVie during the personal strife in her life, but it’s a perfect inspiration for credit unions throughout 2013. Take a listen, and pay attention to the words:

Fleetwood Mac – Don’t stop (thinking about tomorrow) LIVE!!

If nothing else, let the words from the chorus of the song stir in your head through this New Year: Don’t stop, thinking about tomorrow, Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here.

It’ll be, better than before, Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone.

No matter what trials and tribulations the industry and your credit union specifically have endured over the past few years. Or even the personal trials and tribulations you’ve endured… remember that Yesterday’s Gone. There’s a new year ahead of us, and new challenges that desperately need your attention.  If you focus on the problems of the past, you’re going to miss the opportunity to address the current issues facing your credit union and more importantly your members. They say there’s a reason that your windshield is bigger than your rearview mirror. It’s critical to keep looking ahead as you drive, not behind you.  In the interest of you personally, your staff, your credit union, and your members: say goodbye to yesterday, and don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. It WILL soon be here. And most importantly it WILL be better than before.

Bo McDonald

Bo McDonald

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