Simple steps for getting noticed at work

To get ahead in the workplace, there are various things you must do to set yourself apart from the pack. It’s no longer enough to simply settle for the status quo. Now we must step outside what’s comfortable and push ourselves to the limit in order to get noticed. Here are three easy tricks for standing out in your office, and in life.

Establish rapport
We’ve said before that being friends with others at work is not required. But, a smart employee who strives to stand out makes a positive impression with everyone around them. You don’t have to be the jokester or the loudest one at work but building a strong reputation by putting yourself out there is essential. Positive rapport with colleagues, your superior, business contacts, and potential clients can be a real game changer. If others are competing with you for a prospect’s business, you can be sure that if you’ve established yourself with those whose business you seek, you have a definite leg over others in the industry.

Be proactive
It’s fine to wait for instruction and perform your tasks completely and accurately. But, it’s an entirely different thing to take initiative. The first step in this process is to be innovative and to use your own skillset for coming up with new and creativity ideas to advance the business. Present your plans to your manager and demonstrate to them that you are forward thinking. Whether they decide to pursue your ideas is up to them, but by simply presenting them without being asked, you are certainly standing out.

Remain loyal
It’s natural for there to be turnover and sometimes drama in the workplace. You’ll be hard pressed to find any office that’s perfect and without its share of sporadic conflict. The key to keeping yourself noticed is to never give in to the pressure to take part in office troubles. Sure, you may have the urge to gossip alongside everyone else, but instead of standing out as a result of getting busted for blabbing, get noticed by remaining loyal to your colleagues, your boss, and the company.


Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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