The 10-step guide for replying to online reviews

To maintain credibility after a rebrand, Logix FCU emphasized its online reviews. In the years since, the California cooperative has received many a five-star review. Here’s how it handles those that aren’t.

A member walks into a branch. He or she tells everyone in the credit union — everyone who will pay attention, in any case — the service is no good and loan decisions are made for no reason. Does branch staff stick up for themselves and the credit union? Or do they stay quiet?

The answer may be obvious in-branch — they speak up. But what if this interaction doesn’t occur in person? What if it happens online?

“You want those members to understand this is not a one-sided conversation,” says Brad Blue, the online marketing and social media manager at Logix Federal Credit Union ($6.1B, Burbank, CA). “You have to address the criticisms because potential members want to know how you would treat them if they were the ones with a similar issue.”


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