The CUInsight Experience podcast: Bert J. Hash Jr. – Dig deeper (#97)

“People don’t really care what you know, they want to know that you care.” - Bert J. Hash Jr.

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My guest on today’s show is Mr. Bert J. Hash Jr., the former President, and CEO at MECU in Baltimore. Bert is very busy in his retirement and services on many boards and committees in his community and around the world. Bert is on the ACCOSCA Foundation board and active in the DE community in Africa. We talk about leadership, board relations, community involvement, mentoring, and what we can do better as credit unions, and so much more.

Bert shares why working with ACCOSCA is so important and what US credit unions can learn from credit unions on the African continent with relevance and maintaining a healthy pace of change in technological advances. Bert also shares the need for credit unions to the ‘unbanked’ and those who can truly benefit from services this community offers. 

Listen, as Bert discusses the effects of the global pandemic on large groups of members, including people of color and middle class citizens combating systems of financial health inequity. Bert talks about what inspired him to take the position at MECU, the various boards and committees he serves, and how getting involved with these organizations was pivotal to his career. 

During the rapid-fire questions, we learn that Bert was one of the top three students who would succeed after high school. Bert wanted to work in mathematics but changed his major to business after 6 months of schooling. Giving back has become more important as he’s gotten older and material things have gotten less. When Bert has a day off, he and his wife go to their place in Virginia called Serenity to relax and unwind and spend time together. This is a great conversation with an even greater man. Enjoy!

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How to find Bert:
Bert J. Hash Jr. (Retired) President and CEO of MECU Baltimore 

Show notes from this episode:
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Shout out: Carla Hayden, Librarian in Congress
Shout out: Calvin Thomas, Former Mentor
Shout out: Verna Q. “Betty” Davis, Former Mentor
Shout out: Herman Williams, Chairman of the Board at MECU
Shout out: Michael Hale at ACCUC
Shout out: Jill Nowacki
Shout out: Fred Johnson at CUES
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In This Episode:
[02:22] – Welcome to the show, Bert!
[03:51] – Bert shares why working with ACCOSCA and taking the DE workshop is important.
[06:06] – Do you believe there are things the US credit unions can learn from the credit unions on the continent?
[07:34] – Bert discusses what he believes credit unions need to do to stay relevant to the changes in financial services.
[10:31] – Bert speaks about servicing the financially stressed members during tough times.
[13:13] – What are you most excited about for 2021?
[15:27] – Bert shares what inspired him to take the position at MECU.
[17:08] – Listen, as Bert shares some advice about taking the next step into becoming president and CEO.
[19:05] – Bert discusses the boards and committees he is on during his retirement.
[20:10] – Bert shares why getting involved with organizations is important in your career.
[23:19] – Get to know the board, and the chairman is the most important one to introduce yourself to.
[25:55] – “If we don’t take care of the members, someone else would: is what he has told his team over and over.
[26:44] – Making hard decisions is something he has learned.
[27:42] – Is there a myth about leadership you want to debunk?
[28:59] – Bert speaks about some mistakes he’s made and ones he sees young leaders making.
[30:59] – Treat everybody with respect because everyone is important is advice his parents gave him that he still believes today.
[32:33] – Bert discusses the mentors he’s had along the way and why he feels it’s important to give back by being a mentor.
[34:49] – Bert speaks about what he does when he has a day off to recharge.
[37:22] – In high school, Bert was voted one of the top three people who would succeed.
[39:05] – Bert wanted to major in math and have a career in mathematics.
[39:54] – Do you have any daily routines that, if you don’t do, your day feels off?
[40:29] – What is the best album of all time?
[41:22] – Is there a book you think everyone should read?
[42:44] – Giving back has become more important, and material things have become less important.
[43:50] – When he hears the word success, Herman Williams is the first person who comes to mind.
[44:59] – Bert shares some final thoughts with the listeners.
[47:07] – Thank you for being on the show!

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