The power of data: How CAP COM makes that BABI work

Dedicated teams help the New York cooperative manage enterprise risk across multiple departments.

For the past three years, CAP COM Federal Credit Union ($2.6B, Albany, NY) has been honing its abilities to reduce risk and maximize reward — taking care to not throw out the BABI with the bathwater.

“BABI” is shorthand for the business analytics (BA) and business intelligence (BI) division the cooperative created in January 2018. The BABI team generates and interprets data as well as makes intelligible reports available to stakeholders across the enterprise.

Directing that effort is Mike Wiseman, manager of business intelligence at CAP COM. Wiseman joined the credit union eight years ago and spent the first five managing the credit union’s project management office. He then joined the newly formed BABI team and took the helm in October 2019. The team currently consists of Wiseman and two business intelligence analysts.

How does CAP COM define risk tolerance? Who sets it, and how does it affect what you and other departments do?


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