What’s in a name: COVID Recovery Program Manager

As a business owner herself, Ivory Lloyd knows how important it is to connect local businesspeople with resources to weather this storm or create new streams of income.

COVID-19 didn’t spare Ivory Lloyd’s slice of paradise as it swept across the globe, but in tragedy she found opportunity, putting her community service ethos to work in a new role for herself and her new employer.

In February, Lloyd went to work as COVID recovery program manager at Kaua’i Government Employees FCU ($124.3M, Lihue, HI), where she helps guide her cooperative’s efforts to help its members handle the economic blowback of the pandemic.

Lloyd came to the role naturally. She was already involved in the community, and her family’s business — teaching lei making and building surfboards — gave her empathy for what the pandemic was doing to the tourism-dependent local economy.

Here, Lloyd shares insight on how her new job helps her cooperative and the community recover.


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