What’s in a name: Vice President of IT and eServices

To take on transformation, Signal Financial makes an old-school move and keeps digital services with IT under one manager.

When a credit union executive cites successfully deploying Office products during a pandemic as a major accomplishment, that’s a sign they’re a committed back-office person, someone responsible for the smooth functioning of a cooperative’s critical infrastructure.

But that’s not all Alec Patrick does at Signal Financial Federal Credit Union ($451.3M, Kensington, MD).

As vice president of IT and eServices, digital services and member-facing contact center work falls under Patrick’s purview. So does information technology and security. But he’s hardly old school. Patrick also does some serious visioning, working with strategic planning and looking ahead to imperatives his member-owned financial cooperatives will have to face in the not-so-distant future, including supporting cryptocurrency.

Here’s more about his many roles at the Maryland cooperative.


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