Why choosing an FI is like choosing a restaurant

Credit unions can take a page from restaurant playbooks when it comes to optimizing their online presence.

Living in Washington, DC, it’s challenging to choose a restaurant. There are SO. MANY. OPTIONS. In fact, there are 2,233options. This means there are 2,233 opportunities for food envy. With so many choices, where does a diner even begin the vetting process?

Location, food type, price, ambiance, and dining in or delivery all factor into choice of restaurant. Then, there’s how to get to the restaurant. In DC, there’s the metro, Uber/Lyft, and Capital Bike Share, to name just a few.

With so many choices, diners rely on online review sites like Yelp that offer reviews and photos posted by the diners themselves. Restaurants with few reviews or a bunch of five-star reviews and no constructive feedback raise a red flag. And if a restaurant isn’t listed on Yelp, diners won’t be eating there because they likely won’t know it exists.


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