Why inspiration matters at work

When was the last time you felt inspired? Or, someone looked you in the eyes with the words “you inspire me”. It felt good – right? But you may not have known why a jolt moved through your body or theirs.

Inspiration is an unintentional ‘spark’ or jolt that hits each person differently. Depending on what inspired you, we know when it happens because you feel alive and engaged. Sometimes it’s for a moment; other times it’s the catalyst to spark innovation, products, services or a new path. A feeling of energy, a burst of clarity or spontaneous information flowing down to ‘awaken’ areas of what may be possible. Inspiration moves people toward potential, possibilities and accomplishment.

Why Inspiration Matters – According to Psychologists Todd M Thrash and Andrew Elliot, inspired people were more intrinsically motivated and less extrinsically motivated. Such variables that also strongly impact work performance. Simply put: engagement and well-being. Thrash and Elliot also believe inspired people were more open to new experiences, and reported more absorption in their tasks. This is important because change initiatives become adventures; not fearful expeditions.

Gallup states only 32% part-time and full-time are engaged in their work. Hence… a lack of inspiration. The data may indicate a direct correlation with working from a place that feels at home with yourself. We are spontaneously ignited by what embodies our beings to do great work aligned with a purpose. Insomuch, it creates a response when it happens such as this feels right. I love what I do! The person will be motivated to do the work.

When managers, leaders and teams are inspired to do their work, it will boost morale, productivity and well-being. All three have an impact on the bottom-line.

A culture of inspired people is creating space and learning opportunities for each other. Here are a few steps to jump start:

  1. Ask questions: It’s not asking what you see yourself doing next. Or, where you feel the credit union can fill it’s need. A deep dive question is what type of work inspires you? Open-ended.

Go for the gold. Start with the employee voice. Let each person tell you directly. The work doesn’t have to be what they’re doing today. It’s feedback and learning where the spark lies and how to potentially ignite it.

  1. Strengths: As 2023 approaches, think about how to leverage employee strengths. We are all born with innate talents and gifts. Often it’s a matter of exposure. Lead people to their zone of genius.
  1. Learning and Development: Commit to employee development. Employee development has to be in the budget. Here are 39 Statistics that Prove the Value of Employee Training.

70% of employees are relatively inclined to quit their current job to work for a company that invests in employee development and learning. (Lorman, 2021) To have a desire to grow while upskilling and reskilling is the future. Doing the same thing over time can get old and stagnate. Have a robust offering of personal and professional development.

One final thought. Never underestimate a team or person who is inspired. It’s what started a movement of ‘people helping people.” Credit unions are in the spark industry for creating financial well-being, education and building healthy communities. Let’s stay inspired doing that!

LaVada Humphrey

LaVada Humphrey

LaVada Humphrey is a Consultant and Speaker, serving the credit union industry. She specializes in leadership, workplace engagement, coaching, and conflict resolution. LaVada believes the workplace should be a safe ... Web: https://www.purerising.com Details