Future of work: Empowerment & reciprocity

Recently, I was at an event speaking on talent retention and this thought popped in my head: As leaders what are you willing to give up or reimagine (create) to retain talent? The question sparked engagement with the audience, and fueled my curiosity.

One leader stated “remote work.” Another, “more opportunities to grow with the credit union.” The word reciprocity was buzzing in my head reflecting on the day. Hmm … sounds like a give and take opportunity. I like it!

We’re at an intersection where our vision has to be enlarged to “reimagine” what is possible for the future. I believe taking the time to think, talk with our team members to learn what is important and what they desire out of work is important. It’s not enough to assume salary, benefits and all the perks are it. The philosophy of “people helping people” has to extend within the four walls from “employer to employee, leader/manager to team members.” This is not a one size fits all model. It’s specific to each person.

Here’s why … an employee market. All the data from the top three management consulting firms: Gallup, Deloitte, and DDI all reference the same information. We’re in for the long haul with finding ways to retain talent and attract for the future. 60 Minutes aired, Why are Americans Choosing to Quit their jobs in Record Numbers last month. I think you’ll agree with “reciprocity” and doing work that aligns to their values and talents.

1. Leadership Mindset:

Everything rises and falls with leadership. I hold true that everyone is born to lead something. If we’re actively engaged as leaders, our mindsets of who deserves opportunities, special projects and alike have to shift. Middle management is usually responsible for maintaining talent and engagement. It’s vital to keep our hands on the pulse of middle management and to invest in their growth and development as well. When we grow our leaders, our teams elevate as well.

2. Collective Voice:

There’s power in the collective voice. When we lean in and ask the right questions, we have the power to release and create new things. Now is the time to stage  ‘listening sessions” to hear the hearts and minds of staff.

3. Talent is Everywhere:

Talent is literally everywhere! Are you seeking to grow your talent from within? Nothing discourages employees more than watching someone from the outside join the team when you weren’t provided the opportunities or tools. Now, don’t get me wrong, some roles need education and experience. However, there are some roles you can grow and be mentored into.

Finally, what does talent really want? Empowerment and reciprocity concerning their careers. The writing is on the wall. Let’s reimagine how to transform and elevate for the future.

LaVada Humphrey

LaVada Humphrey

LaVada Humphrey is a Consultant and Speaker, serving the credit union industry. She specializes in leadership, workplace engagement, coaching, and conflict resolution. LaVada believes the workplace should be a safe ... Web: https://www.purerising.com Details