Why payment integrations matter in collections

Integrated solutions for collections payments

In what has now become a competitive digital landscape, since COVID-19, a large majority of agencies today require simple-to-use, automated solutions to meet growing consumer demand for diverse payment options. Gone are the days of cash and mailed checks. If you want to reach your customers and increase on-time payments, your agency needs to get with the times.

However, the majority of collections software has not allowed for the real-time acceptance and processing of payments directly through more modern interfaces you see from other industries (online portal, text, mobile devices, etc.). As a result, manual data entry and payment reconciliation are necessary, placing an enormous strain on both your users and your employees.

A More Integrated Approach to Collections Payment Processing

As a business owner, you’ve probably seen some of the latest on-demand solutions that can be implemented to enhance your existing software. The trouble is often making the initial switch. Not only can this process by time-consuming, but it can also result in a thousand different headaches you never thought possible. However, that’s where BillingTree shines brightest.


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