5 reasons you can’t afford to not use an editorial calendar

Whether you tweet more than a Kardashian or less than your dad, if your organization has a social media presence, you need an editorial calendar.

Here are 5 ways an editorial calendar will strengthen your social media presence:

  1. Organizational overview: Putting topics, important hashtags and other pertinent information on your calendar means everyone in your company knows what goes out when and how its exposure can be maximized. It helps you form a cohesive social marketing machine.
  2. Employee expectations: An editorial calendar is a simple way to effectively ensure your whole team knows what content they’re responsible for, how often they’re to post and how you want that information to appear.
  3. Variety: Using a social media calendar will give you an overview of your social content. It allows you to spread out your posts and ensure that you aren’t sending out 5 on the same topic all in a row, and instead intersperse a variety of topics throughout the day.
  4. Important dates: Putting important dates such as a big event you want to highlight on your calendar, ensures that you never miss the important stuff. It also allows you an easy way to communicate to the entire team letting them know all the event details.
  5. Forward planning: Planning a vacation and don’t want to tweet from the beach? An editorial calendar allows you to pre-schedule the content you’re responsible for, or to strategize with the coworker who will be covering your work while you’re away.