5 ways to keep your social media content engaging

For the past decade, social media use has grown exponentially and has been king at reaching members online and connecting with them. While your credit union may already have an online presence, there may be times where content all of sudden becomes dull and you might not be seeing the results you want.

Consumers can perceive financial industry content as being a little dry. This perception can also carry over into your social media content. However, this problem does not have to be permanent. Below are a few tips to effectively bring more engagement with your social media audiences and provide content that is fresh, fun and still compliant.

Use employees as advocates

Employees are at the heart of the credit union’s ‘people helping people’ philosophy. While it may be tempting to promote a seasonal special or your great rates, staff posts are often the most engaging because members love seeing familiar faces. Employees can provide great stories of how they helped members during tough times or what they are doing to stay active in the community. Be sure to respect the privacy of employees and members and before you post, make sure everyone has given permission before sharing personal stories online. The business starts first with relationships, and employees can help bridge that gap online.

Promote your strengths

Every credit union brings something to the table. If your team goes above and beyond to help members, amplify it by sharing those stories. If your credit union offers bilingual services, let your followers know. Highlight the perks and what makes your credit union different. This will help potential members make an informed decision when selecting their financial partner.

Add movement to visuals

Social media pages are built to promote visual content. Even if you have been using sharp images on your feed the past couple of months, that might not be enough. Consider adding movement, infographics or videos that can spice up your content. Movement might encourage viewers to stop scrolling long enough to read your message. Make sure content is clear, simple and not too wordy.

Credit union education

Credit unions are not banks. As not-for-profit financial cooperatives, credit unions give members equal ownership and democratic control. This alone is one of the many perks of being a credit union member. Some members may not be aware of this and sharing credit union facts may empower them to become a board member or give them the reassurance they are part of a strong, financial community.

Don’t overshare

The goal is to keep your social media active, not be annoying. Avoid going down the rabbit hole of oversharing. Don’t overwhelm your followers by posting every day. I suggest staying on a schedule of posting 2-3 times per week with a day break in between. Your followers will appreciate it and look forward to your next helpful post.

Consider these tips the next time you prepare your monthly social media calendar. Be intentional about the types of content you are posting, and you will make bigger strides to engage your audience in this digital space.

Natalie Mahoney

Natalie Mahoney

As Public Affairs Manager, Natalie assists clients with social media, event management, public relations and grassroots communications. Prior to joining PolicyWorks, Natalie worked at a financial institution and assisted in ... Web: https://www.policyworksiowa.com Details