8 essential questions to ask: Choosing the right MDR provider

The emphasis on technology solutions can overshadow the crucial role played by effective management. While advanced solutions are essential, their potential remains untapped if not properly implemented and maintained.  All too often, promising technologies end up as shelfware, collecting dust instead of protecting our employees and customers. To truly safeguard our environments, we must shift the focus towards not just cutting-edge technology but also the diligent management and utilization of these cybersecurity solutions by seeking Managed Detection and Response (MDR) providers.

MDR is a technology that aims to speed detection and response through automation and provide a solution to empower lean teams by acting as an extension to their current security operations. Finding an MDR provider that will meet your organizational challenges takes research and careful consideration.

Adlumin’s industry expert and Senior Director of Product Marketing, Jen Thompson, discusses essential questions you need to ask when considering an MDR provider and provides answers that will help you make informed decisions when protecting your organization.

  1. What security signal are you able to monitor and protect?


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