ABA revealed as owner of secretive anti-credit union website

For more than a year, ExploreCreditUnions.com is registered using a proxy that hid the website’s ownership.

A website devoted to highly charged allegations against the credit union industry was operated by the American Bankers Association, although the ABA’s involvement was cloaked in secrecy.

For more than a year, “explorecreditunions.com” was registered using a proxy that hid the website’s ownership. And the website did not identify the trade group as the source for the content.

However, a search Tuesday morning on register.com, one of many sites that catalogs website ownership, no longer listed the proxy, but identified the owner as the ABA. And an ABA technical information employee was listed as the website’s contact person.

Shortly after CU Times asked the ABA about its ownership of the website, it was taken down, but the site’s Facebook page and Twitter feed remain online. The Facebook page identifies the site as a “news and media” page. By comparison, the ABA’s Facebook page identifies it as a “nonprofit organization-community group.”


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