Are your credit union ATMs Nimbl enough?

Have you ever thought it would be convenient if you could simply have cash delivered? If so, a new mobile application, called Nimbl, is exactly the service for which you have been searching. This service, founded in 2014, is looking to “make ATM-style transactions mobile, with human helpers that deliver cash on demand.”

Recent press is really pushing Nimbl as a competitor for ATMs, introducing the program as a major perk that lets consumers avoid cash machines, insinuating that automated tellers are less convenient. So…should you be worried about the viability of your credit union’s ATM fleet in the face of cash ordering and delivery?

Probably not.

While Nimbl’s concept is certainly new, fun and innovative…that doesn’t make it very practical. There are many reasons you can easily discount it as a competitor for your ATMs, surcharge-free networks and/or branches…at least for now.

Nimbl ATM
  • Available in only San Francisco, CA & Manhattan, NY
  • Available pretty much everywhere  (even in foreign countries)
  • Delivers cash to a specified location at a time that is determined by the availability of a runner.
  • Allows you to withdraw cash at your leisure, wherever there is an ATM
  • First few transactions are free – $5/delivery after
  • Surcharge depends on location – many ATMs offer some type of free access
  • Debits the money from your card or account only upon authorization at delivery – through payment service Venmo.
  • Debits the money from your card or account immediately

Rather than targeting the ATM, Jim Luo, CEO of GreenOps (creator of Nimbl), hopes the product will draw more attention from businesses, says Anthony Ha in his article on TechCrunch.

Some businesses could utilize the service when they are in need of more cash on-hand, rather than sending an employee or manager to the credit union. The system would make delivery more secure since the cash carried by Nimbl runners is pulled directly from the company account and is not paid for until the cash changes hands.

More close to home for credit union ATM operators is the company’s plan to target cash-only locals. Nimbl is hoping bars and restaurants that refuse to take plastic may be more willing to refer customers to cash delivery than face a potential loss of business by sending someone off to find a cash machine.

You know, because that would be so much easier than partnering with their local credit union to make cash available in-house.

Rebecca Hellmann

Rebecca Hellmann

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