Attention – Credit Union Social Media Lemmings?

A great many of you are focusing way too much of your marketing energy on social media.  We all love to chat, connect and communicate – in all sorts of ways!  We are all intrigued by the potential social media holds.  But where’s the beef?   Social media is the shiny object that is distracting us all…squirrel!

I talk to CEOs and market leaders every day.  Most every one of them without prompting said that they are concerned that their Credit Union and/or the industry as a whole is wasting too much time, talent and effort on managing social media.

We can absolutely agree that establishing a sound social media framework and support process is a necessity.  Now what?  Many of you are staring at the “box” like the TV waiting for something to happen.  I can hear Sean Connery (in the third Indiana Jones movie) now, “Let it go, Indiana.”  Trust that what you have set-up to spread your message or respond in these channels is working.  Test it.

I see the Social Media Power rankings…FB likes, YouTube views, twitter followers…and it is great.  Yet this is only a “channel” of communication.  What – no lightning strike?

I hope I am not the first one to share this news with you, but marketers need to spend the MAJORITY of their time, effort, thoughts, budget, strategy…generating real, measurable revenue and profit growth.  Unfortunately gang, social media isn’t generating any profit.  It only holds out potential…

So, in summary, establish your social media program and then using your best RONCO impression, “Set it and forget it.”  Many (most?) of you need to stop talking or even obsessing about social media.  Instead, honor your members (not to mention your CEO/management/board) by focusing your marketing on actually helping all members.  After all, marketing should deliver a provable return on the dollars invested in marketing.  Are you able to prove a return on the dollars entrusted to you?

Love me some social media, but it isn’t where the growth of my (or your) business is.

Jay Kassing

Jay Kassing

Jay Kassing is President of MARQUIS, a Texas based provider of marketing analytics solutions including MCIF/CRM software, MCIF services, profitability, compliance, consulting and direct mail creative/fulfillment. Jay has ... Web: Details