Building a Global Community

We build a community of credit union and financial cooperative systems around the world. We operate locally but our markets have globalized.  Market forces today are increasingly driven by global events.  We face the same challenges.  We have a great opportunity to learn from each other and to share success strategies.   We build a community by engaging with each other in-person and in-virtual.  To be inclusive, we invite members from those countries where credit unions are organized.   To be inclusive, we welcome other financial cooperative forms. Many of our member and colleague organizations go by a diverse range of names: credit union, mutual, financial cooperative, credit cooperative, SACCO or savings and credit cooperative, SKOK, savings house, caisse populaire, caja popular, caja de ahorro, mutual bank, savings and credit cooperative.  We build a community by championing our model.

Increasingly, national legislators and regulators follow global standard setters in setting regulatory rules for credit unions.  Any one national system faces challenges opening global standard-setter doors.  World Council solicits views from member countries and represents credit unions to the global standard setters.  We represent and defend the global community that we are all building.  To that end we monitor and dialog with global standard setters such as BIS, FATF, FSB, IASB and G20.

The World Credit Union Conference is our gathering of the tribes.  It provides our community members the opportunity to network and to identify the issues and challenges which are critical and common across countries.  It allows us to put out front experts to share success strategies.  It allows us to put together those who have faced those issues and found solutions to share with their colleagues.

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