Diversity Insight: Multiplicity of traits and backgrounds is a business tool

Three ways having staff and directors with varied experiences and perspectives improve credit union strategy.

As credit union executives and directors, you are tasked with creating shareholder value. This is your singular mission. In order to perform upon this guiding mandate, you should pursue actions that benefit members.

One of the ways credit unions can fulfill their aim of helping members is by insisting their talent resources are equipped to face various business scenarios. This takes a staff that possesses a myriad of skills and experience. This article is an examination of a business case for diversity. Here, we examine three areas where a focus on diversity can be good for the bottom line. Before doing so, let’s see if we can come to an agreement on the meaning of diversity.

To my way of thinking, diversity is simply the multiplicity of traits, skills and backgrounds your talent pool may possess. By talent, I mean your board, volunteers and staff. Diversity includes a wide variety of categories. Here are some descriptions:


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