How to assemble your credit union conversion team

There are many steps to a successful conversion, such as building your team. It’s up to the leaders of the credit union and the conversion team to build the enthusiasm through communications and attitudes. By assembling a committed team with the right mindset, success is virtually inevitable. 

Starting with Your Conversion Team

Since credit unions vary in size, staffing and processes, this may vary based on your specific resources. Generally, it is recommended to consider three key areas:

  1. The CU President/CEO names a Project Lead/Manager (PM) from the credit union staff

Start with a “Project Lead/Manager” who will be the go-to person at the credit union. He / She should not only know how and who to delegate to but be a decision maker for the credit union. This person will be the main liaison between the new core provider and the rest of the staff. He / She will be the individual that keeps track of the project plan and will know what items have been given to the new core provider and which have not. 

  1. IT names an IT Lead for network connectivity/integration (ITL)

Next is an IT Lead from the credit union staff. His / Her job role will entail confirming third party integrations, working with the new core provider Networking Department and taking care of system requirements. It is recommended that smaller credit unions utilize an outside consultant, if already doing so. Hardware and software should all be reviewed to confirm nothing additional is required with the new core selected.

  1. Subject Matter Expert from each credit union department (SME)

Finally, it is “key” to assign a SME from each department. The staff assigned to these roles may be a Head Teller, or a go-getter teller, for example. He / She will work directly with the PM and should encourage participation from within his / her department. By seeking the knowledge and input from each team member, all staff end up feeling like they are part of the bigger picture. 

The transition will go much smoother, the workload is more balanced, and the new procedures and workflow will be more efficient for those doing the daily work. This all starts from the top down. A manager doesn’t necessarily have to be the key SME.

Once the team is assembled, they will want to develop a checklist of all they would like to see in a new data processing system. Identify three areas:

  1. Absolutely must have
  2. Need to have
  3. Would be nice to have

The SMEs will begin to pull this information from their various areas to provide to the project manager, who will formulate one document. When providers have been selected, each area will have their “checklist” to help them remember the differences in each provider. 

With the team now assembled, the credit union should begin their clean-up of their current system. (Clean information in equals clean information transferred over.) The management team may also want to change the current workflow and any policies/procedures. Some of these changes could have been held back due to the current core’s limitations. Now, is the time to be thinking how the credit union REALLY wants to set up their system and begin the planning!

At United Solutions Company, USC, we have a proven documented process to a successful data processing conversion. Need a checklist? Download our FREE Conversion Team Checklist today.

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Tami Webb

Tami Webb

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