Know who to call after you dial 911 – credit union crisis communications

by: Michele Dowis

Credit Union Crisis Communications

Communication is the key in any relationship or situation. Being open and honest and upfront speaks volumes.The more time you spend preparing, the less time it takes to provide a quick response. Roles and responsibilities should be setup ahead of time though you won’t have all of the particulars defined. Templates can be written to provide format and the only time required is to “fill in the blanks” when needed. This involves developing a solid credit union crisis communications plan. We have identified three of the top parties you’ll want to contact immediately after you dial 911.

Employee Notification – determine who is responsible for this communication. Is it one person or each team leader in the form of a call tree? Will you be using a Crisis Management Notification system? Is there a “hotline” established to provide up to date information? Every effort should be made to keep the employee informed. He/she should learn details from the news, radio, etc. The message should include:

  1. The nature of the disaster/situation.
  2. Where/when employees should report to work. If the employee is not to report, the caller should reassure the employee of job security and provide updates on a daily basis.


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