Let go, and let others

I was recently listening to a leadership podcast by Andy Stanley and picked up a couple of good nuggets to pass along. What about?

Delegation and bottlenecks. Because I know all organizations, including credit unions and community banks, struggle in this area. Yes, I’m looking at you…and me.

Let Go of Excuses

So many leaders find it difficult to delegate tasks, projects, approvals, you name it. There are many reasons why: it’s just faster if I do it myself, I know I’ll do it right the first time, we can’t afford a mistake on this one, I don’t have time to train someone right now and so forth.

Who do you think you’re talking to? There isn’t a reason (read: excuse) I haven’t said a million times. More about me: perfectionist? Check. Control freak? Check. First-born syndrome? Ok, this is getting too personal. Back to the nuggets.


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