One of every three households in your membership is dangerously exposed

One of every three households in your membership is dangerously exposed to financial catastrophe through the loss of a loved one. It’s a very serious problem, but fortunately, one with a very simple solution – Life Insurance.

The difficulty is that this solution is not being widely made available to the low and middle income households that need it most.

With the number of U.S. life insurance agents continuing to decrease, and the remaining agents tending to focus on the affluent, an insurance gap has been created among those lower and middle income households. In fact, 41% of all adults – 95 million Americans – have no life insurance at all, and half of all U.S. households say they need more life insurance.

The unpleasant yet unavoidable fact is that over the next 12 months some within your membership will have passed away. Sadly, the family and loved ones left grieving are faced with the additional burden of funeral expenses and other end of life costs, not to mention the possible loss of income from the deceased.

With life insurance ownership among your members at an all-time low, this is your opportunity to help. Working together, we can offer solutions for members who need coverage and don’t know where to turn.

Your membership includes the young and the not so young, the healthy and the not-so healthy, two parent families, single parents and empty nesters, and so on. By including many types of coverage, our program meets the full spectrum of your members’ life insurance needs, including final expense coverage, family income replacement, home ownership protection and everything in between.

Contact Allied Solutions to learn more about how we offer life insurance solutions through LifeHelp to give your members easy and affordable access to family financial security and help your credit union generate revenue.

Mike Lemon

Mike Lemon

As Director of Client Relations at LifeHelp, Mike Lemon coordinates a team of industry professionals, carrier partners, and sales representatives who are dedicated to the financial success of credit unions ... Web: Details