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- by Deedee Myers, DDJ Myers

Are you a Pretender?

Are you one of the board members pretending to look engaged and interested?  How curious are you in the board packet and in understanding how your organization is confidently and consistently serving your community?  What [...]

- by Deedee Myers, DDJ Myers

Onboarding: Where obvious meets oblivious

The most important outcome of an onboarding conversation is the alignment of expectations beyond the job description. Recruiting, hiring, and promoting are extensive processes for a midlevel or senior executive or for a newly recruited [...]

- by Deedee Myers, DDJ Myers

The value, or cost, of an entrenched board

Long-serving board members have a perspective from their service through many years, and perhaps decades, to an organization to which they volunteered with passion and commitment. I listen in awe to stories told by long-tenured [...]

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