Pass the Popcorn! – Credit Unions Becoming More Relevant

Credit Unions are not just another financial.  They are very different and are there to help when no one else will, educate our youth on financial literacy, and be very involved in their local communities.  Best Advantage Credit Union is known for this and they are adding another piece to the pie, with their newest community outreach program called “Flix in the Stix.”  Best Advantage won a grant from CU*Answers for $10,000 to purchase outdoor theatre equipment and have outdoor movie events.  Best Advantage strives to create truly memorable experiences in their branches with every member, every time.  They wanted to bring those experiences to more people and have an impact in their community.  That’s when “Flix in the Stix” became something real.  The idea of the event is to invite the entire community to come watch an outdoor movie with friends, family, and other people in the community.  This is free of charge to everyone who attends and you don’t have to be a member to come.

While Best Advantage still maintains a strong focus on branch culture and member service/satisfaction, they are keenly aware that they must support the communities that they serve.  Without local businesses and the people they bring into your community, you would not have a membership to serve.  BACU is always looking for opportunities to build community relationships and serve their small, rural communities.  “Flix in the Stix” is a great way to do that.    Concessions are sold at the events by local organizations to help fundraise and benefit their cause (Boy Scouts, local sports teams, etc.)  and benefit the community as a whole.  In the city of Brillion, WI and the Village of Sherwood, WI (where Best Advantage has their two branches) there are no theatres and you have to drive at least 30 minutes to attend a movie.  Best Advantage now allows people to stay in town with their families and save money not only on gas but tickets and food as well.

They don’t stop there either.  Best Advantage, being a credit union, works with other credit unions in a collaborative spirit and rents the equipment/services to run a show of their own in their respective cities or towns.  The cost to do so is $695 which includes all of the equipment, outdoor banners, marketing guides, and event coordination including the licensing of the movie to be shown.

Best Advantage’s goal with “Flix in the Stix” affords them the unique opportunity to present credit unions as a relevant and fun alternative to banks.  In addition, they can provide families an opportunity to get together and enjoy each other’s company for FREE.  By bringing entertainment to their local communities, they will be able to help families save money, strengthen relationships and promote credit unions.  Implementing this program will help Best Advantage, increase credit union relevance and provide thousands of people with an opportunity to experience things they otherwise would not be able to do!  The word needs to get out about the credit union difference and this is just one fun way to start!!

Don Emmer

Don Emmer

Don is currently the Director of Sales for Chatter Yak (Marketing/Advertising CUSO) based out of Citizens First Credit Union in Oshkosh, WI. His role there is to help financial ... Web: Details