People make the organization go round

People, Processes, and Products; the three things you need to run a business.  Without good people, you can’t create processes or products, so they have to be the most important part of business right?  So what can happen if you have great people, what levels can your organization go to?  On the other hand, what are weak links in the organization doing to your company?

Here are a few thoughts that we have when it comes to people.

When we think about people, it starts with our core values.  We use our core values to hire, and the challenging but very important piece, removal of people who don’t fit our organization.  When hiring, we specifically ask questions to try to let us know if this person value’s the same things we do.  We find that when people look at the world in the same way we do, then our team will operate quicker and in alignment with how we want to treat our customer.  That makes for a much smoother transition and a great addition to the team.  If we hire people who have the same values, the same thoughts, then they tend to mesh well together and can accomplish great things, who would want to do anything less.

We also use the core values to remove people who are not on board with our same thoughts and values.  It is one of the most troubling parts of business but this is the piece that most people miss on.  Most companies don’t want to make the tough decision and they keep people who don’t fit their environment for far too long.  This drags down the company, lowers moral with the great team members, and sucks the life out of a company.

We find it challenging to find great people, so when we do, we want to make sure that we surround them with other great people.  We feel like that is the formula for accomplishing great things.

Brett Jackson

Brett Jackson

Brett Jackson has been dedicated to building vibrant, competitive, breakthrough brands in the world of financial institutions for over a decade now. As the CEO of Systemax Corporation, a company ... Web: Details