Signs your coworkers don’t respect you

There are many ways you can go about showing a lack of respect for someone. Here are just a few of the more obvious ways you can tell that your coworkers don’t respect you.

They talk about you a lot: If your coworkers are often talking about you behind your back, you’ve probably done something at work (or maybe in your personal life) that’s started the gossip train running. Everyone gets gossiped about from time to time, but you probably want to avoid being the popular subject matter all the time.

They find ways to avoid you: Sometimes your coworkers may seem to be completely ignoring you, or when you have their attention, they’ll try to put an end to the conversation. Phrases like “I hear that” or “That’s cool” are definitely signs that they would like the conversation to end as soon as possible.

They don’t return your calls or emails: Believe it or not, people are actually this petty. If you’re repeatedly getting the “I’m busy” excuse or they say your email must have “gotten lost in the spam folder”, then the only real problem is that they don’t like you.

You can just tell: Even if you don’t have to fight for a coworker’s attention or to get a response to a message, sometimes you just feel the coldness coming from your colleagues. If their normal attitude lacks a sense of warmth, they probably just don’t like you, plain and simple.

You won’t always be best friends with everyone you work with, and sometimes people won’t like you for no good reason at all. If you can’t figure out why you’re being treated like a black sheep, maybe your office has a culture problem, and it could be time to update that resume.


John Pettit

John Pettit

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